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Every Family is different… and so are their cleaning needs!

No one looks back at their life and says “I wish I had spent more time cleaning!” In just a few moments you can clean virtually any mess… from leftover cheerios your toddler spilled on the ground… to spilled coffee grounds… to dirt on your carpet. Leave behind heavy, inconvenient vacuums and chords behind and say goodbye to lost hand vacs and broken portable parts. And say hello to more to closet space.

Here’s why you should consider installing a central vacuum system in your home:

  1. 5x the power of a traditional vacuum

  2. Lightweight

  3. Healthier indoor air quality

  4. 100% dust-free operation

  5. Super quiet operation

  6. Faster, easier cleaning

  7. Cleaning attachments for every need!

  8. And much more

Find out which central vac system is perfect for your home and family needs!

We install central vac systems in new homes and existing homes throughout Upstate South Carolina and Hendersonville, NC. And even better than that, we offer a free consultation.

Maintenance for your Central Vacuum System

Central vac systems have proven to be a timeless edition to any home. And, while all of our systems come with an outstanding warranty, as with any home appliance, a little preventative care can go a long way. Below you will find some common central vac parts and accessories that you will want to maintain. If you need professional help to repair your system or if it’s been a while since you’ve done any maintenance on your system, let us help you! Click here to schedule a central vac expert to come inspect your system!

Power Unit

Your power unit is the heart of your central vac system, so extra attention should be given to it. This is as simple as giving your power unit a once-over every so often to check for visible damage. The only time you need to worry about your power unit is when you’re experiencing problems, like the unit turning on and off on its own, or your power units stops completely stops working.


The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your brushes is inspect them regularly to be sure they’re free of anything that may become caught in the bristles.


Hoses experience the most wear and tear considering that they’re dragged through your home each time you use your central vac system. You can purchase a sleeve to cover your hose and protect it from getting dinged, or causing damage to your walls and furniture. Be sure your hose is stored safely out of the way, preferably mounted to the wall, and use a cleaning cloth periodically to clear out the line and prevent clogs.


Store attachments safely with the hose, making sure to detach them from the hose before storage. The best thing you can do is inspect these extra pieces regularly to be sure they’re in good condition, and keep them free of clogs and debris.

Bags and Filters

Dirt, food, and anything else you suck up in your central vac system all ends up in the canister—make sure you dump the contents regularly, especially when you notice your system not sucking as well as normal. Wash or replace your filter as needed, changing paper liners every few months, and cloth liners as often as every 5 to 7 years.


The biggest concern with cords is the risk of fraying or damage, as this can cause a short. Inspect cords with every use to be sure they remain intact. If you notice any problems, promptly replace them.

Are you interested in a maintenance plan?

We service Greenville, Spartanburg, Oconee and Hendersonville, NC counties and we would love to have the opportunity to help you manage and maintain your central vac system!

Repair Services for your Central Vacuum System

If you’re used to being able to conveniently pull out your central vacuum system but now it’s suddenly not working correctly it can be really frustrating! Get the peace of mind knowing you can trust our high quality technicians that have years of experience in the vacuum service industry. We will can quickly and easily tackle any repair - big or small - and also have all of the replacement parts you would need on hand for all central vac systems. We offer a 100% service guarantee so you can be confident that you can quickly get back to the more important things at life!


My system quit at least the motor did! Called this wonderful business who responded quickly and efficiently. All was addressed and I’m back in business (no pay, hard work, but clean) vacuuming again. Thank you especially to repairman and kind office staff for excellent service. I will refer you kind folks without hesitation. Thank you!!

- Cathy W. - a Happy Customer

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