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Cleaning Accessories & Kits

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Cleaning Accessories and Kits

You’ll breeze through even the toughest cleaning tasks when you have the right tools for the job. We have cleaning accessories and kits for every room in your house. From floor to ceiling, from your living room to your garage, our powerheads and accessories will deliver 5x cleaner home than traditional vacuums and work on every cleaning surface from carpets, hardwood floors, rugs, walls, window treatments, upholstery and much more!

Quick-clean convenience is close at hand!

Take central vacuum convenience to the next level with these revolutionary time-saving solutions. Not sure which accessory would be best for your home? Let us help you!

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This tool installs in standard cabinets and turns on automatically when you life the handle. It reaches 24’ to clean dry messes off countertops, floors, drawers and appliances. It retracts automatically when you’re done!

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Spot by vroom®

The Spot by Vroom® is a built-in accessory that reaches up to 15’ for everyday messes. To clean, all you have to do is simply open the valve, flip the switch and clean the mess. The hose will automatically retract when you’re done.

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Vroom® for Garage…

This handy cleaning accessory brings quick-clean convenience to cleaning car and boat interiors, workbenches, floors and more. It can be wall mounted or mounted overhead giving you service-bay style cleaning and can extend up to 24’ feet.

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You’ll be wondering where the VacPan has been all your life after experiencing the convenience of this accessory. Turn it on with a toe switch and you can sweep crumbs toward the inlet and watch the powerful suction whisk the mess away!


“My system quit…at least the motor did! Called this wonderful business who responded quickly and efficiently. All was addressed and I’m back in business (no pay, hard work, but clean) vacuuming again. Thank you especially to repairman and kind office staff for excellent service. I will refer you kind folks without hesitation. Thank you!!”

- Cathy W.