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How many dollars have you spent recently on cleaning supplies and electric powered vacuums that either didn’t work or broke down within a year or two of purchasing them?

When it comes to a creating a healthy home environment, your vacuum is an essential element to your household. That’s why we offer central vacuums! With our Hide-A-House products, you will enjoy the convenience of having a central vacuum system. Say goodbye to dragging the hose from inlet to inlet and manually cleaning your filter. All of our systems are virtually maintenance free and come with our Lifetime Limited Warranty!

Central Vacuum Center is your source for central vacuums for the South Carolina and Western North Carolina. With over 20 years of experience and proven expertise, we have been a leader in the central vacuum market for new construction and existing homes and renovations. Our service professionals are dedicated to ensuring your central vacuum systems are installed and serviced: ONE-TIME and PROPERLY the first time, guaranteed! 


1. Detailed service estimate – No hidden fees!

2. Install plan based your needs, not what’s convenient to install.

3. Professional & proper installation – final result is ultimate system performance for healthy, happy home

4. Assess install – measure and validate sealed and working

5. Show you how to properly use and clean your new system


Services We Offer:

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Central Vac

Central Vac System Installs & Repairs

Chameleon Retractable Hose System

Vroom (under counter)

Care Care (special hose in garage for car cleaning)

Service All Central Vacuum Brands


We are pleased to offer the following products:


“My system quit…at least the motor did! Called this wonderful business who responded quickly and efficiently. All was addressed and I’m back in business (no pay, hard work, but clean) vacuuming again. Thank you especially to repairman and kind office staff for excellent service. I will refer you kind folks without hesitation. Thank you!!”

- Cathy W. 


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